How to Become a Touring Guitar Tech and Break into the Live Industry

I actually spend quite a long time mulling over the way and how I actually ended up on tour as a Guitar Technician. By the time I got there I’d spent a lot of time and energy through multiple pathways achieving this goal. I had developed some finely tuned startegies to get there and I can say definitively it was well worth it in the end. It really did have its highs and lows as you can imagine. From loading trucks in the snow at 3am in Cardiff to sitting around the pool drinking cocktails with Ronan Keating, its been an absolute rollercoaster!

Roadies loading trucks in the rain and sitting by pool.
The highs and lows of being on tour.

There were a lot of things on the journey that I could definitely have done better and would do things differently now. Especially as I came to realise that I was turning the dream into a reality and was going to get there!

So I’ve been gathering my thoughts and putting together a database and strategy on how to do it; what tools you need and how to get the required skills.  I’m not sure how the final format is going to take shape but it currently exists as a one to one online discussion or face to face visit to my workshop.  So, if your’re interested have a look and book here or give me a call from the contact page here.

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