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Hi, I’m Owen Davies and I’ve been creating, setting up and repairing guitars for over 25 years. I also provide guitar tech services to professional musicians around the world and I have toured extensively with artists as diverse as Joan Armatrading, Westlife and Matt Cardle amongst others.

Based in Abergavenny, South Wales UK, I’m a skilled guitar technician and maker of hand crafted, individual guitars. I strive to supply the finest quality instruments to discerning musicians worldwide.

I have now changed focus to exclusively delivering Guitar Tech Courses to pass on the years of expertise I’ve acquired to the next generation of aspiring Guitar Technicians and guitarists.

So if you are interested in breaking into the Guitar Tech industry, or simply would like to carry out your own guitar setup to save money, please take a look at my Eventbrite event listings page for my available courses.

Personal Guitar Setup Course


In this personalised one to one course, we will focus on optimising your guitar’s performance. Join me for a half-day workshop in Abergavenny, Wales, where you’ll learn essential skills to enhance your instrument.

Throughout the course, we will cover the fundamentals of guitar setup, including action, neck relief, and intonation. You’ll gain hands-on experience as we practise adjustment techniques tailored to your playing style. We will also explore methods to improve your guitar’s tone by optimising pickups, wiring, and other components.

Additionally, you will learn essential maintenance tasks to keep your guitar in top condition, including cleaning, restringing, and routine inspections. By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to maintain and optimise your guitar independently.

Join me in this exclusive Guitar Setup Course and unlock the full potential of your instrument. Enrol now and take the first step toward elevating your guitar playing experience.


One to one
5 Hours

The Chocolate Factory, 8a, Union Road Industrial Estate, Abergavenny, NP7 7RQ

Topics Covered:

  • How to evaluate and measure
  • How to work to precise measurements
  • How to work by feel and intuition
  • Stringed instrument measurements
  • Action at 1st and 12th fret
  • Nut slot considerations
  • Acoustic bridge adjustments
  • Neck relief adjustments
  • Intonation
  • Electronics clean
  • Fingerboard clean and oil
  • Fret polish
  • Body clean and polish
  • Tremolo systems
  • Pick Up considerations
  • Personal requirements
  • Break into the Guitar Tech industry
  • Touring and live considerations

Why choose this course?

Let’s explore the significant benefits you can expect from this course:

Unlock Optimal Playability: Discover the key adjustments that can greatly improve the playability of your guitar. We will address factors such as action, neck relief, and intonation, allowing you to achieve greater comfort and control while playing.

Enhance Your Tone: Gain insights into optimising pickups, wiring, and other essential components to achieve a more defined and captivating tone. By understanding these elements, you will be able to shape your guitar’s sound to suit your musical preferences.

Save Time and Money: By acquiring the skills necessary to maintain and optimise your guitar’s performance, you can save yourself from costly professional services. The knowledge gained during the course will empower you to perform routine maintenance and adjustments independently.

Connect with Your Instrument: Through our exploration of guitar setup, you will develop a deeper understanding of how your instrument works. This understanding will enable you to forge a stronger connection with your guitar and make informed decisions about its setup and maintenance.

In addition to these benefits, this course offers a unique opportunity to learn about the professional guitar tech industry. I will share insights and advice on getting started in this field, providing valuable guidance to those interested in pursuing a career as a guitar technician.

If you’re ready to take your guitar playing experience to the next level and gain insight into the world of professional guitar tech, join me for this Guitar Setup Course. Together, we will unlock the full potential of your instrument and equip you with valuable knowledge for your journey ahead.

I look forward to sharing my expertise with you and helping you achieve your guitar setup goals.

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