Christmas and Lockdown Guitar Gifts – Why you Should Have a Set-Up.

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Well I hope you all got new guitars for Christmas?!  The market for new and used guitars is thriving during the COVID Lockdown as many people have decided to learn guitar with their new-found spare time.

The one piece of advice I would like to give you all, whenever you buy a guitar, is to always put the money aside for a set-up and service from a professional Guitar Tech or Luthier.  If you’ve bought online from Ebay or from a FaceBook group (which I advise would advise against tbh!) you’ll never really know what you’re going to get.  The amount of instruments I have through my workshop in this situation is remarkable.  Problems range from legitimate wear and tear to awful home-made repair and modification attempts.

Likewise, if you’ve bought from a shop its very unlikely thats its been setup properly.  Either at the factory or on-site at the shop.  A pro set-up is very time intensive and most companies cannot afford the time and manpower to do it correctly.

So send your instrument to an experienced tech.  It’ll feel so much better under your hands and make it soooo much easier and more enjoyable to learn.

Get after it!

Owen Davies  Abergavenny based guitar tech HERE

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