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Any guitarist will gain a new appreciation for their instrument by learning how to set it up for optimum tone and playability. You’ll also save time and money, ensure the perfect setup for your playing style and protect your prized investment for years to come.
That’s why I’m offering one-on-one guitar workshops. All the highlights of my 25 years of experience are packed into one day!


Setting up a guitar the right way is both an art and a science. From stringing your guitar to truss rod adjustments, you’ll learn how to work to precise measurements, as well as by feel and intuition.

Here’s what’s included in my one-day course:

  • guitar bridge, guitar pickups, humbucker, volume pot, guitar saddles
  • acoustic guitar luthier, luthier near me, luthier, guitar action,
  • how to maintain a guitar, fret cleaning, fret setup. fret buzz
  • guitar nut, fretboard inlay, electric guitar setup, truss rod adjustment
  • Action at the 1st and 12th fret
  • Nut slot considerations
  • Acoustic bridge adjustments.
  • Neck relief adjustments
  • Intonation
  • Cleaning of electronics
  • Fingerboard cleaning and oiling
  • Fret polishing
  • Body cleaning and polishing
  • Tremolo systems
  • The right pickups
  • Optimal setup for live performance
  • Anything else you need to know
    about setting up and maintaining a guitar
***** FIVE STAR *****

Customer Review

“Owen provided an excellent 1:1 day for my son to learn about guitar set-up and maintenance. He explained and demonstrated each stage clearly for my son to follow. Owen has a lovely relaxed, approachable manner and gave generous tips and support on how to edge into the music industry based on his extensive experience and contacts. Cannot recommend OVGuitars more highly!”
Anne Ries, Parent
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Courses from crafting individual guitar components and professional guitar set up, to breaking into the live touring industry as a guitar technician.
All courses are delivered one-to-one by Owen Davies who has 25+ years experience as Luthier and Guitar Technician under his belt.
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